Benefits Of Handing Out Mugs With Unique Handles

Posted on: 17 June 2019

Giving away coffee mugs that feature your company's logo and contact information can be an effective marketing strategy, but you'll want to ensure that your mugs stand out. Many companies hand out mugs, so there's a chance that yours will find its way to the back of peoples' cupboards — or worse, it could get discarded — unless it provides an impact. One way to do so is to choose custom corporate mugs that have unique handles. For example, if you operate a landscaping service, the handle of the mug could be a curved garden hose. Many promotional product companies can offer unique handles, and you'll likely find that mugs with this feature can provide these advantages.

It Attracts Attention

A lot of people see multiple coffee mugs in a given day and hardly notice them. A plain white mug with some sort of corporate wording, for example, hardly bears much noticing. However, when you choose a uniquely shaped handle, especially if it's in a vibrant color, there's little doubt that people will notice this mug. This means that whether it's sitting on someone's counter or at someone's desk, anyone else in the room may be tempted to check out the mug. With your business information displayed on it, this is a good thing for you.

It Invites Use

People frequently seek to make fun choices in their daily life. For example, if someone wants to be in a good mood for the day, he or she might choose a fun necktie, T-shirt, or pair of shoes to wear. The same approach holds true for choosing a coffee mug in the morning. Someone who is committed to fun might understandably feel as though your unique mug is more fun that the other mugs in the kitchen cabinet, and thus choose it. This can help the person to remember your brand.

It Gets People Talking

A unique handle on a coffee mug also invites conversation. For example, if someone were to use your mug at work, there may be people who enter this person's office and inquire about the mug — "That's a fun mug handle — what's the story behind it?" This gives the person an opportunity to ideally explain where he or she got the mug and, hopefully, talk about any interactions that he or she had with your business. The end result can be one more person knowing about your brand, all because of the mug.