The Psychological Effects Of Color On Corporate Apparel

Posted on: 13 March 2015

Each color in the spectrum has distinct psychological effects on the viewer. This should not be discounted when selecting colors for your corporate apparel. It's also important to know what different colors symbolize for other cultures, especially in a global marketplace. Consider what message your corporate apparel is sending to your employees and clients.


In Western cultures, red is known as the color that symbolizes stop and danger. Red also can denote courage, love, and passion. There is also evidence that is it has the psychological effect of portraying dominance.

In Eastern cultures, red can symbolize good luck and happiness.

This is color that is an attention grabber but also may be considered aggressive.


Green traditionally denotes money, nature, and jealousy. Green has a calming but energetic effect.

In Muslim cultures, green is considered sacred.


Blue is a favorite color of both sexes. It has a calming effect on the viewer. Throughout the world, blue is a favorite color that has positive associations.


Orange is a loud color that wakes up the senses. In America is it associated mainly with the holiday Halloween. Orange is a hard color to wear and most people prefer other colors of apparel.


In Western cultures, yellow can symbolize happiness but also cowardice. It is also the color of caution. Bright yellow is a bold choice for corporate apparel but it may not be as wearable as a softer shade such as marigold.

In Eastern cultures, it is considered the color of royalty.

In Egypt, is it considered a color for mourning.


Purple is usually thought of as a color for royalty. Lighter shades of purple, such as lavender, are considered feminine. In some Asian cultures, purple is the color of mourning.


Pink is considered a feminine color. In the last decade, in Western cultures, it has become associated with breast cancer awareness.


In Western cultures, white is considered the color of purity and cleanliness. In almost all other parts of the world, white is the color of mourning. White is a popular color for corporate apparel because it is usually the most affordable to print. If your clients all reside in the Western hemisphere, white is a great choice economically.


Black is a neutral color that is great for unisex apparel. It portrays power in Western cultures. In other cultures it denotes mystery and evil. Black is a safe choice but not the boldest if your company is trying to make a statement.